3 Top REIT Stocks to Buy Now

Owning investment properties is usually a fairly boring business, but not today. The worldwide effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 has upended property markets and left real estate investment tr…
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13 YouTube channels to turn yourself from wagecuck to finance god

It seems budgeting, saving, and investing are all the rage nowadays, and that everyones joining the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement. This is reflected by the increasing popularity…
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16 things to help battle your social distancing boredom, all on sale

Whether you’re working from home and need some retail therapy to unwind or you’re simply looking for something to do, we’ve got you covered. These top-selling deals are massively discounted up to 98%…
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Global stocks slip after Trump accuses China of a ‘disinformation and propaganda attack’

Associated Press

  • Global stocks slipped into the red on Thursday after President Trump accused China of a “disinformation and propaganda attack” that “comes from the top.”
  • “That comes…
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3 Unknown but Amazing Dividend Stocks

Investments that pay, and grow, dividends can be a reliable path to creating long-term wealth. Retirees may want dividends for current income needs, but they can also pay off in a big way for young i…
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Hedge fund bear Crispin Odey says personal gold ownership could become illegal if inflation spikes

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

  • Central banks might outlaw private gold ownership and use the metal to stabilize currencies, hedge fund manager Crispin Odey said in a letter seen by Bloomberg.
  • The notoriously bearish investor added to his gold positio…
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Goldman Sachs unpacks a ticking time bomb in the market’s junkiest debt due to the coronavirus — and explains why even the Fed will be unable to avoid it

The Federal Reserve recently announced that it will include companies with the safest high-yield debt in its coronavirus stimulus plan. 
Its Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility was expanded to include purchases of exchange-traded funds that contain co…
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Billionaire bond king Jeff Gundlach slammed the Democrats’ proposed new $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill — and said it would take total state aid to ‘over 150% of Federal taxes’

“Bond king” Jeff Gundlach on Wednesday night poured scorn on the latest $3 trillion coronavirus relief package proposed by House Democrats, and suggested that two-thirds of the stimulus funds provided so far are “leaking out.” 
In his tweets, Gundlach said:

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The Wall Street Journal: Brookfield aims to spend $5 billion to shore up troubled retailers in U.S. malls

Mall owner Brookfield Asset Management Inc. plans to devote $5 billion to shoring up retailers hit by the coronavirus pandemic, a bet on a beaten-down sector that could also help keep its rent payments rolling in.The initiative will be aimed at taking non-con…
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A 2nd wave of coronavirus cases could force the Fed to reconsider negative interest rates, Goldman Sachs says

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

  • A “big setback” such as a second wave of virus infections could force the Federal Reserve to reconsider negative interest rates, Goldman Sachs strategist Zach Pandl said Thursday.
  • Fed chief Jerome Powell reiterated Wednesd…
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