10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday morning
WFH reads: Can Big Business Fix Racial Injustice? It Has to Try. Heres How. (Barron’s) but see also These companies are publicly embracing Black Lives Matter. Wil…
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Looking To Invest In Rent-Stabilized Real Estate? Weigh the Risks And Rewards

Part One of a two-part piece on rent-stabilized multifamily investment
814 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY
Ariel Property Advisors
When it comes to multifamily real estate investment, rent-stabiliz…
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Ethical Investment Fintech Wahed Raises $25 Million As Demand For Islamic Finance Booms

Oil pipe line valve in front of the Saudi Arabia flag on the oil barrels.
Wahed, the ethical investment fintech for Muslim investors, raised $25 million in venture funding with proceeds bein…
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MiB: Buying Gold through the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the state of the economy, and with it, the most attractive risk assets. To David Rosenberg, expects rates to remain very low for as far as the eye can see, with deflation a b…
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Why Commercial Real Estate Lending May Never Be the Same

Recessions and financial crises often have a way of changing the banking landscape as a result of deal making and new regulation. But they can also impact the way banks lend. For instance, following …
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The True Cost Of Real Estate For Homeowners

Wouldnt it be nice if your monthly mortgage payment encompassed the total cost of real estate ownership? Unfortunately, it doesnt. Real estate is much more expensive than your monthly mortgage paymen…
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Build Your COVID Dream Team

Navigating the Coronavirus epidemic has forced all entrepreneurs to make business decisions far outside of their normal area of expertise. Thats why every entrepreneur needs a team of smart outside a…
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Market Extra: Fed says risks to the financial system are worrying insiders

Risks are lingering in the U.S. financial system despite unprecedented actions taking by the Federal Reserve in recent weeks to limit the damage wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recen…
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Here’s Why Seritage Growth Properties and Other Retail REIT Stocks Are Soaring

What happened
After the worst day for the market since March, stocks are rebounding sharply on Friday. Some of the most beaten-down stocks are among the best performers, and retail real estate stock…
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16 Ways To Effectively Assess The Value Of Your Real Estate Investment

If youre investing in property, youll need accurate real estate valuations to make profitable decisions. However, making these assessments yourself can be difficult. Each propertys unique features, s…
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